W3S2 [ˈkwɔlıfaı US ˈkwa:-] v past tense and past participle qualified present participle qualifying third person singular qualifies
1¦(have a right)¦
2¦(pass exam)¦
3¦(be considered something)¦
4¦(give somebody skills/knowledge)¦
6¦(add something)¦
[Date: 1500-1600; : French; Origin: qualifier, from Medieval Latin qualificare, from Latin qualis; QUALITY1]
1.) ¦(HAVE A RIGHT)¦ [I and T]
to have the right to have or do something, or to give someone this right
Free school lunches are given to children who qualify.
qualify for
You may qualify for unemployment benefit.
qualify sb/sth for sth
Membership qualifies you for a discount on purchases.
2.) ¦(PASS EXAM)¦ [I]
to pass an examination or finish a course of study that you need in order to do something
qualify as
I finally qualified as a pilot.
After qualifying, doctors spend at least two years working in hospitals.
to have all the necessary qualities to be considered to be a particular thing
qualify as
It doesn't qualify as a date if you bring your children with you.
if something qualifies you to do something, you have the necessary skills, knowledge, ability etc to do it
qualify sb for sth
Fluency in three languages qualifies her for work in the European Parliament.
qualify sb to do sth
The certificate qualifies you to work as a dental assistant.
5.) ¦(SPORT)¦ [I]
to reach the necessary standard to enter or continue in a competition or sports event
qualify for
She qualified for a spot on the U.S. Olympic speed skating team.
to add to something that has already been said, in order to limit its effect or meaning
Could I just qualify that last statement?
7.) ¦(GRAMMAR)¦ [T]
if a word or phrase qualifies another word or phrase, it limits or adds to the meaning of it

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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